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Content marketing

The key to effective content marketing (CM) is ensuring your target market receives the right information. Used well it will also help forge relationships and build your brand, but your CM strategy needs to be created in a bespoke fashion unique to your business to maximise your strengths and meet your specific business objectives.

Content marketing explained

Content marketing uses content of various types including blogs, infographics, ebooks, white papers and more to create a coherent content strategy where strong communications are seen by your target market at the best time possible.

Top quality content is then promoted through the most appropriate channels for your business to connect effectively with your potential market, build your brand, and send interested visitors to your website.

Defining your CM strategy

The first step is for us to understand your market, industry and business goals to create the most appropriate combination of promotional material and specific content to combine promotion and information.

Knowing what you are looking to gain form content marketing is an important strep in creating an effective CM strategy.


Creating your content

Understandably many businesses lack the resources and time to create results-driven content; it is a specialism and something we at Doublespark are extremely experienced in so we can help create a PR friendly CM strategy for you.

Whatever types of content suit your business and the message you are delivering, Doublespark can help whether social media, video, blogs and much more.


Promoting your content

Killer content is no good unless your audience sees it, so a key part of your content strategy is putting it in front of the right people.

We will ensure effective dissemination of your content: distributing it through the most effective channels including industry specific websites, social networks, social bookmarking websites and other appropriate platforms. We also ensure maximum exposure of your content through cross-pollination.


Creating arresting content to promote your brand positively is very much our forte: your audience will come to know, like and trust your business through our expert storytelling-based content creation.

Many businesses find creating and using content to best effect time consuming and difficult, so unfortunately lose out on the opportunity to connect with their target market through a strong content strategy. With our help you can make the most of content based marketing.


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Expertise related to content marketing:

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) With HotJar UX Ipswich


Are you finding it difficult to turn visitors into customers?

  • Understand and interpret conversion funnels
  • Understand what your website visitors require
  • Help identify usability issues

Doublespark can help you convert more of your website visitors through improvements based on thorough research.

The conversion rate is the most important site statistic of all: how many of your visitors produce leads and sales? We can help you improve this key metric.

Social Media
Ipswich Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Is your social media strategy in need of a rethink?

  • Are you finding it difficult to create enough strong content consistently?
  • Are you finding it difficult to reach and connect with your target audience?
  • Are you finding it difficult to get your content in front of enough people?

Social media is a key marketing method that we can help you make the most of through creating a strategy tailored to your requirements.

User Experience (UX) Designer Ipswich - Heatmap example


The UX, or user experience, covers the multitude of ways people encounter your business.

These can include the way they navigate your website, use your apps and consume your general communications, advertising and other promotions.

Put together, these various interactions and the quality and effectiveness of them is effectively your UX

The more efficient and pleasant your UX is, the more likely your visitors will become customers.

Example Of Ipswich Corporate Branding


If you require a coherent brand strategy consisting of:

  • Clear brand identity guidelines
  • Clearly defined brand objectives
  • Clearly defined brand messages
  • Clearly defined target market

Doublespark are the brand building experts.

Your brand plays a vital role in defining your business and communicating with your market.

We are brand experts who will help you connect with your brand so you use it to best effect to achieve your business objectives.