Being Google Partners we are able to:

  • Run and manage effective AdWords campaigns
  • Run and manage effective shopping campaigns
  • Improve your ROI through cutting out wasted spending
  • Improve your quality scores while reducing spending

No contract consultancy so no risk PPC management

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

PPC, or pay-per-click, is designed to provide cost-effective and targeted advertising to a specific demographic so producing a dependable stream of interest in your business. Since you only pay when somebody takes action by clicking through to your website, your expenditure can be kept highly focused.

You have much control in that you can specify how much you are prepared to pay per click; PPC is a very quick way to generate traffic to your website and - since you are using specific keywords - it is simple to monitor its effectiveness.

Considering changing your PPC agency?

Doublespark provides experienced help for your PPC activities and a full management service including full keyword research and selection of the best search engines to run your campaign with.

You are assured of getting the best results from your budget as we provide accurate and regular reporting so you can monitor the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

The Doublespark approach

We offer a full PPC management service that includes bidding for your preferred keywords.

You will know instantly how your campaigns are performing thanks to our comprehensive reporting and monitoring.

Why should you outsource PPC?

Working with Doublespark means you are tapping in to a highly experienced professional team who understand fully how up to date PPC methods can be deployed in your business to best effect.

We focus on results rather than basic metrics, and we set up PPC campaigns as part of your overall marketing strategy - not just a one-off activity.

You may get a Google Grant

If you are a charity you might qualify for a Google grant to help your marketing budget go further.

Leave it to us to ensure the appropriate traffic is driven to your website, and that your objectives are achieved through the right grants working for you.

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Related to PPC management:

Search Engine Optimisation Ipswich - Increasing Organic Traffic


Do your main keywords rank highly enough?

  • Our clients' traffic grows monthly
  • Our clients achieve long term growth
  • Our clients are out ranking their competition 
  • Our clients search engine rankings increase monthly

From the smallest start up to the largest multi national, we implement effective results-driven SEO strategies to drive traffic that converts into sales.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing Ipswich

Content Marketing

We can help you create a content strategy unique to your business and founded on your particular strengths and requirements.

Effective and engaging content marketing helps build relationships and brands by reaching the right people - your target audience - and encourages action taking.

At Doublespark we have helped create winning content for a variety of clients, so have plenty of experience of what works for various types of people in different markets.

Let us put our expertise at work in your content marketing.

Ipswich Reputation Management


Do you want to improve and protect your public image online?

  • Unfair complaints
  • Bogus negative feedback
  • Overly critical reviews

It is vital in competitive markets to maintain a strong and favourable brand image.

Your brand identity is a key element of your business and one that has no doubt taken you time and hard work to build, so make sure with our help you control your market perception and what is being said about you.

Ipswich Website Design Example
Ipswich Website Design Example

Ipswich Website Design Example

Your website has to work well with the various devices visitors use to access the web whether a mobile, smartphone, tablet or large screen PC. Indeed the search engines insist on it and penalise websites that are not mobile friendly, so affecting their rankings.

At Ipswich Web Design we will take your specific requirements and tailor a service to meet them as we know from our many years experience each business is different.

We can create a website that looks great, offers an appealing experience for the visitor, and converts them into customers. We offer fixed and flexible terms.

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