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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Creating SEO strategies for all types of clients from small start ups to multinationals, Doublespark is a leading UK SEO agency. We have an experienced and enthusiastic team ready to help you improve your website conversions through winning SEO strategies.

Results driven SEO

The SEO strategy we will develop for you is designed to increase your website’s visibility, target the right traffic to drive to it, and improve your conversions. We are confident you will gain higher quality leads, enquiries and those all-important sales.

Doublespark’s SEO approach

We offer a bespoke service to suit your exact requirements as we know no two business are the same. Our expert knowledge and use of data improves your website user experience and increases conversions.

We put together highly sharable campaigns to suit social media use to generate exposure and links to drive traffic to your website. We do not use guesswork: we deal purely in precise numbers and strictly adhere to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to help ensure your SEO budget works hard for you.

We liaise with you at all times and use hard facts to make for an effective results-driven SEO campaign.

Our SEO campaigns explained

While your requirements are unique there are certain common components based on how we work - here is an overview:

1 – Research and strategy

Our initial consultations with you are far reaching and comprehensive: we look to gain a full understanding of your business and the products and services you offer, your present branding, strategy and other key factors. We will undertake a full analysis of your website and establish the objectives and goals your new SEO campaign needs to meet.

We take a good look at your competition and analyse their strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint where you may be trailing them or where you are excelling. Next we undertake more research of your industry to establish your marketing landscape to see where you fit currently, how your competition is performing, and where potential growth opportunities might be.


2 – Website audit and UX review

We perform a comprehensive audit of your website to establish what is working and what is not and draw up a list of areas that require attention. These frequently include:

  • Broken links
  • Canonical problems (when URL redirects are not fully in place)
  • Duplicate content

We will draw up a list of keywords relevant to your business and institute a regime of detailed reporting on a daily, weekly and monthly frequency to keep track of progress.

Improving the user experience on your website is important so as to improve engagement, and we do this with careful experimentation to ascertain how conversion rates might be improved. 


3 – Optimisation

Using information from our activities in the preceding stages, we now set about optimisation under various headings such as :

  • Weak/poor content
  • Meta data
  • Redirects
  • Structured data/schema
  • Site structure
  • Tag optimisation
  • Internal anchor text

Once we have completed optimising your website, it will now be fully SEO friendly and, based on plenty of previous examples of our work, your rankings should improve pretty much straight away.

4 – Content, linking & reporting

Now your website is optimised, the next priority is link acquisition to help it rank high enough to overtake your competition. 

To achieve this we undertake various activities:

  • Local SEO
  • PR
  • Outreach
  • Best quality content
  • Social media

Full monitoring of these activities is undertaken by way of fully detailed daily, weekly and monthly reporting of all KPIs that we share with you. Based on this information we will continue to maximise your results with judicious changes as appropriate.

Why should you choose Doublespark?

We are highly experienced SEO specialists with up to date knowledge of the latest techniques, tools and trends in this very fast moving field, and work tirelessly for a wide range of clients to help them achieve their objectives. We have an enviable track record in using top quality SEO to boost traffic and conversions, so achieving results for the many clients we continue to work for. 


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What Ipswich SEO clients say about us

MISA Enterprises

"Big thanks for your support in dragging us into the 21st Century! We now have more confidence in our ability to compete and customers can see we mean business."

Michelle McEwan MISA Enterprises

"They exceeded our expectations. We felt Gary and the team gave us their full attention and responded to our requests with enthusiasm, obvious skill and efficiency. They managed to get our chosen keywords to position one in the page rankings which has given us a significant number of quality enquiries."

Gary Cook MyWoodenToy

"They came to us with a really positive ‘can-do’ attitude. We thought our campaign would be too big for them; hundreds of keywords and a very complex business model had defeated agencies in the past. Gary’s business background meant he very quickly got to grips with what we’re all about and produced a campaign that lead directly to a major contract. That one contract more than paid for our initial SEO investment. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them to others."